Notion Template Creator Dashboard

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The ultimate dashboard for Notion Creators

Notion Template Creator Dashboard is a powerful tool designed for people who create and sell Notion templates. With this product, you can launch your templates faster, stay organized with your tasks, and plan your social and marketing content with ease.

One of the most exciting features of this product is the Notion AI, which helps you brainstorm template ideas quickly and easily. This saves you time and ensures that you're always creating templates that are in demand.

Whether you're a seasoned Notion template creator or just getting started, the Notion Template Creator Dashboard is the perfect tool to help you take your template creation to the next level.

About the Creator

I am a Notion Certified Creator that has released 26 products enjoyed by 11,000+ people, and made $23,000+ selling Notion templates. I’ve taken my expertise in releasing quality products and built this dashboard to help other creators organize their work so they can get closer to turning their side hustle into their full time job.

Why did I create this dashboard?

As a Notion creator you're always trying to balance your product creation and social content. These two areas are extremely important to your brand, but it can be difficult to work with so many moving parts.

Problems Notion creators face:

  • Unorganized projects
  • Losing track of tasks
  • Not prioritizing well
  • No social media content schedule
  • Forgetting important money-making details

The Notion Template Creator Dashboard fixes all of that.

With this dashboard you can:

  • Release templates faster
  • Organize your work
  • Create content for social media
  • Manage your content schedule
  • Plan your template releases
  • Save important notes and resources

What’s Included

  • Template Manager
    Save your templates in one place.
  • Task Manager
    Create and prioritize your tasks.
  • Social Media Content Planner
    Plan your daily content for all major platforms.
  • Notes Database
    Your resources, ideas and inspiration in one place.
  • Pricing Calculator
    Easily determine the best price for your products.
  • 6x Social Post Templates
    Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Brainstorming & Inspiration Features
    Use Notion AI to never run out of ideas for your templates.
  • The Best Template Marketplaces
    Make sure you're selling everywhere you need to be.
  • Creator Resources
    Curated tools for saving time time and staying organized.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is this product for?
    This dashboard is for anyone that wants to or is currently creating and selling Notion templates. You can take this dashboard and immediately start organizing your work so you can launch your templates even faster
  2. What is Notion?
    Notion is a free project management and note-taking software that offers an unparalleled level of customization. You can download it here.
  3. Can I become an affiliate?
    Absolutely, click here to sign up.
  4. Do you offer custom Notion solutions for businesses or individuals?
    I do. Feel free to send me an email at with what you have in mind!

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Notion Template Creator Dashboard

5 ratings
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