Notion Creator Course

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Learn how to make money selling Notion templates

My name's Matt, and I've earned over $80,000 selling Notion templates. During this time I've had many creators ask me about my strategies and tactics that allowed me to turn this hobby into a profitable side hustle.

Introducing the Notion Creator Course: A definitive guide for learning how to create a Notion template business.

This video course is packed with all of my methods and secrets that I used to build this business from $0 to 5 figures.

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Course Intro From Matt

Chapters & Lessons:

Chapter 1: Learn Notion

  • Lesson 1: What is Notion, How to Use Notion & Certifications
  • Lesson 2: What are Notion Templates?
  • Lesson 3: The 3 Ways to Make Money with Templates

Chapter 2: Develop Your Brand

  • Lesson 4: Creating a Personal brand
  • Lesson 5: Choosing Your Niche
  • Lesson 6: Picking the Right Channels

Create a Template

  • Lesson 7: Types of Notion Templates
  • Lesson 8: How to Get Template ideas
  • Lesson 9: Creating Your Template
  • Lesson 10: Visuals, CTAs & Shareable Template Link

Prepare for Launch

  • Lesson 11: Selling Products on Gumroad
  • Lesson 12: How to Price Your Product
  • Lesson 13: Designing Effective Product Graphics
  • Lesson 14: Setting Up Post-Purchase Redemption
  • Lesson 15: Scheduling Social & Newsletter Content

Launch Your Product

  • Lesson 16: Best Places to Launch & Gumroad Affiliates
  • Lesson 17: How to Boost Visibility on Gumroad
  • Lesson 18: How to Launch on Product Hunt

Grow Your Business

  • Lesson 19: Collecting High Quality testimonials
  • Lesson 20: Creating Social Media & Video Content
  • Lesson 21: Writing Quality Newsletters
  • Lesson 22: Earning with the Notion Affiliate Program

Advanced Strategies

  • Bonus Lesson: The Benefits of Creating a Blog
  • Bonus Lesson: How to Recover From Low Sales
  • Bonus Lesson: How to Upsell & Cross-Sell on Gumroad

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Notion?
    Notion is a free project management and note-taking software that offers an unparalleled level of customization. You can download it here.
  2. Can I become an affiliate?
    Absolutely, click here to sign up.
  3. Do you offer custom Notion solutions for businesses or individuals?
    I do. Feel free to send me an email at with what you have in mind!
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Notion Creator Course

5 ratings
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